K7EAR Station for EAARS Field Day June 2003

Welcome to the EAARS Field Day photo page. This year we were able to once again hold our field day exercise on the mountain. Our location was the Clark Peak campground, approx 1/2 miles west of Riggs Lake turn off. The elevation here is approximately 9000 ft amsl. The days were warm, and nights cool. We operated class 3A, using QRP 5 watts. Our power for the radios was supplied by solar power charging several deep cycle batteries. We utilized 4 K2 transceivers. We had 3 40ft towers supporting 3 element tribanders. We also operated a GOTA station for new comers to the hobby. Enjoy the photos, courtesy of Milt, N5IA. EAARS would like to thank everyone that participated in this exercise. A special thank you to Grace KB7CSE for her thoughtfulness in providing cooked meals.

Field Day Results, FINAL SCORE. We were Number 9 Nationwide. Congratulations.  Lets make it a real challenge for 2004. See you all there

Call: K7EAR
Operator(s): MANY
Class: 3A QRP
Operating Time (hrs): 24
QSO Summary:
Band   CW Qs     Ph Qs   Dig Qs
80:       49           8
40:     165         116
20:     362         481     3
15:     172         125  
10:   1
6:     23
2:     4
Bonus Points:   1400
Total:   749     757     3   Total Score = 12,705

Field Day site, Our comm bus and 3 towers on hill, 2 CW 1 SSB.

Bus with VHF antennas on flagpole and solar panels in background.

One of the tri-banders on 40ft tower for CW

Another tri-bander on the hill at 40ft for CW.

20 meter CW position using K2 Xcvr.

Warren NI5L operating a CW position

Britt NA5S operates a CW station using K2 Xcvr

Britt NA5S operates One of CW stations Field Day 2003

Larry W7MCO operates SSB Station, K2 Xcvr & bandpass filter.

GOTA station in operation with K2 Xcvr

Milt, N5IA operates a CW station K7EAR 2003

EAARS field day tower base, Yes they were heavy.

Lon K7LON (President) and Dave KB7WI

SSB Position with W7MCO operating, Justin Jensen assisting.

Sunset, Note GOTA station G5RV dipole suspended above field day site.

Sunset from Graham Mtns looking west.

View of two tribanders on hill

All loaded up for trip home
The above photos courtesy of N5IA,
Hope to see more members come out for Field Day 2004. You have a year to prepare

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