K7EAR Station for EAARS Field Day June 2005

Again we welcome viewers to our 2005 Field Day photo page. We were able to operate the entire period this year. As many will recall from 2004, we were ejected from the field day site last year due to the forest fire. We again operated class 3A, using QRP 5 watts of power from our four Elecraft K2 transceivers. We added to our antenna inventory this year with another Force 12 C3 tri-band beam. We now have three C3 antennas. The beams were installed on 40 ft towers, all with rotator capability. We utilized a 1/4 wave vertical on 80 meters. We also had double extended zepp antennas for 40 meters. The GOTA station utilized a G5RV antenna, and was set up for any new comer to get a taste of the hobby. Saturday afternoon everyone present enjoyed steaks provided by the club and cooked to order by Ernie KD7IOG. Another thank you to Grace KB7CSE for the cooking of other meals, and providing a good table to just sit around and talk.

Field Day Results:

Call: K7EAR
Class: 3A QRP
Operating Time (hrs): 24
QSO Summary:
    CW Contacts     1193
    Phone Contacts   889
    Total Contacts   2082
    Claimed Score               16,375
    Bonus Points     1490
    Grand Total Points         17,865

Field Day site, looking up at the towers on the ridgeline, 2 CW, 1 SSB, 1 80 mtr vertical and 1 VHF.

Field Day site with EAARS comm bus in center, as viewed from the ridgeline near towers.

VHF Tower with K7JEM's homebrew antennas for 6 & 2 mtrs.

CW tower for 15 meters new Force 12 C3 antenna, & 40 mtr double extended zepp.

40 ft tower with Force 12 C3 for 20 meter CW.

Full sized 80 meter Vertical.

SSB tower with Force 12 C3, DEZ for 40 and 5.8 Ghz internet link.

The "stack" at the 20 mtr CW position.

Bill, WB0O, operates 40 meter CW station.

Warren, NI5L, operates 20 meter CW station.

Larry, W7MCO, operates SSB position.

Bill, WB0O, operates his first Field Day since high school days.

The 10, 20, and 80 meter CW station.

The 15 and 40 meter CW station.

The GOTA station.

The VHF station, 6 & 2 meterSSB.

Lon K7LON (President), and Larry (secy/treas) W7MCO, siphoning gas for lighting generator.

Ernie, KD7IOG, learning to operate the GOTA station. He made a grand total of 61 contacts. THANKS ERNIE!!! And for the great steaks & hotcakes.

Joe, K7JEM, operates the SSB station on 15 meters.

View of the midnight crew at all five operating positions in the EAARS bus.

Steve, N2IC, is praying for contacts on 40 CW while Warren NI5L runs 'em on 20 CW.

The night is long on the 40 & 20 meter CW stations for Steve, N2IC and Warren, NI5L.

The breakfast gang: Ernie-KD7IOG, the hot cake chef, Penny-KE7EDQ, James-W1EYE, Ernie-W7KQZ, Dave-WB7ONJ, and Grace-KB7CSE.

Ernie-KD7IOG, cooks hot cakes for breakfast. Also compliments to Ernie for the "cooked to order" steaks the previous day.
The above photos courtesy of N5IA.
Hope to see more members come out for Field Day 2006. You have a year to prepare!

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