EAARS 2009 7th District QSO Party photos

Welcome to the EAARS 2009 7th District QSO party contest

Here are some photos taken at the May 2009 7QP contest. See Field Day and 7QP statistics on main EAARS page

This is EAARS 2nd year participating in this contest. The photos tell the story. We began earlier in the week on Wednesday, by bringing the bus and tower trailer to the site. Early Thursday morning, we began assemblying tower sections and antennas. Then the crane arrived and we errected the towers and antennas. The crane was a lifesaver in time and physical labor. Thanks to Richard N7XEU.

Well folks the results are in as of June 17th. Click on the link below to take you to the 7QP web site for the official results. Upon arrival at 7QP site, scroll down to see a write up on the contest, or click contest results to see scores.


Click 7qp 1 video arrow below to see a 8 minute video of EAARS 7qp activity. Thanks to Steve, N7SCL for the video. Some browsers may have a warning about content Active X. Just click ok.

EAARS communications bus. Also our 2.4Ghz link to internet.

40 meter SSB operating position

What it takes to make the 20 CW station work

Dan-K7IA operating the 20 CW station

It's good we didn't put up the tall towers

The Guv'ment keeping track of hams. Low level fly over

K7EAR towers at sunset, CW operators trailer in foreground

SSB antennas at sunset

Earl, non ham friend of N7XEU. Great helper

Richard N7XEU asks where does this U- bolt go?

Grace KB7CSE, Beth AA7NW & Cheri preparing lunch

Milt N5IA, Dan K7IA, Larry N5BG discussing generator

Steve N7SCL working digital RTTY & PSK station

Rick W5CF & Jack KB7ZZY team up on 15 SSB.

Larry N5BG runnin' 'em on 20 SSB

Milt-N5IA & Steve-N2IC doubling up on 40 CW

Cholla Cactus, Watch your step

Barrell Cactus

Dave N7AM operating the digital station

Milt N5IA gets high with 15 mtr phasing harness
Thanks to all those contributing photos, Especially Erin KB5ZKE, who provided the majority

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