EAARS Name Badges

Prices may have increased!

Price for one 2 x 3 rectangular badge with upgraded pin, shipping and tax (tax rate is 6.1% for in state) is $11.71.

2x3 badge

Price for one 3 x 2 AZ badge with upgraded pin, shipping and tax is $12.24.

Arizona cutout badge

Go to: https://www.badgemanaz.com/secure/order-form.php and fill out the form. Make sure the company name is EAARS. Farther down on the page it asks for employee 1 name (first or first and last as long as they aren't too long to fit) then, title is your call. Select badge, chose any badge option, and farther down in instructions say whether you want the 2x3 or Arizona cutout style. If you are ordering more for family just do more employees.